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The Auburn Nascar Fantasy League
Changes Week  7
Pole -  Harvick
Most Laps Led -  Ryan Blaney
Team -  Go Nuts Racing         Trade - Earnhardt Jr. To Blaney  & Dillon To Jones
Team -  Mad Wyatt Racing     Trade - Earnhardt Jr. To Blaney  & Suarez To Jones
Team -  R-Racer                     Trade - Johnson To Kyle Bush
Team -  BudLight 4 Me           Trade - Suarez To Jones
Team -  Bullitt                          Trade - Mears To Ragan  & Suarez To Jones
Team -  Karen's Royals            Trade - Johnson To Logano
Team -  Double S Racing         Trade - Earnhardt To Kahne
Team -  Ram racing                  Trade - Earnhardt Jr. To Blaney
Team -  Blane racing                 Trade -Earnhardt Jr. To Newman